Together we can save the ring-tailed lemur!

With a one-time donation or a regular support, you enable the farmers to break through the spiral of poverty and deforestation. A farm needs 60 Swiss francs/50 Euro per month. The farmers are supported for 3 years, during which they can switch from “traditional” agriculture to permaculture. The most useful for us are monthly donations. You decide how much you want to give!

Support Permapartner. We are recognized as a non-profit organisation and use donations exclusively for our project. All administrative work is voluntary commitment and we do not run a permanent office.

We want to keep it easy. So you can just set up a standing order, choosing how much you want to contribute. Once a year you’ll receive donation receipt and a small thank-you. If you change your mind, you can simply modify the height of the donation. There is no obligation!

Key word: “Permapartner Madagaskar”
Please specify your name and adres if you need a donation receipt.

Donation accounts:

The organization responsible for the project is the association tany
Unterdorfstrasse 20
CH-5116 Schinznach-Bad

Freie Gemeinschaftsbank
Meret Oppenheim-Strasse 10
4002 Basel
IBAN: CH60 0839 2000 1515 8430 3

In Germany we are  represented by the association Permapartner e.V.
Im Pelz 9
DE-77746 Langhurst

GLS Bank
IBAN: DE39 430609677040868500