Our mission

Farmers on their way to the future

We want to save the last tropical and natural forests in Madagascar.Thus, it is necessary to face the core problem: Small-scale farmers are cutting down the forest to create arable land. We from permapartner help the farmers to cultivate their land in a sustainable way and improve the fertility of the soils. Thanks to permaculture techniques we can stop the slash and burn farming and prevent the ongoing destruction of the forests. 

Permapartner recognizes the massive logging of the last Malagasy rainforests as well as the global ecological crisis which we have to solve in a fast and sustainable way.

Farmers can share their knowledge and experience with their community. We provide expert knowledge and support them during the transition phase to new techniques.

Support us, become a Permapartner! With your help, we can encourage entire regions to use the new techniques. We are delighted by your interest!


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