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Fight against poverty:
Due to the sustainable use of the soils, the farmers can rely on bigger harvests. Families can thus increase their income and do not starve anymore.

Environmental protection:
Sustainable cultivation methods need less land – the forests of Madagascar are protected and habitats for rare species such as the ring-tailed lemur are created.

The farmers are taught sustainable cultivation methods. The trained farmers can then teach other farmers from their community. At the same time, children do not have to work anymore and can go to school.

The permaculture project in detail:

Permapartner system
We are working closely together with the local farmers, teaching them how permaculture works. As soon as the farmers are experienced enough, they can share their knowledge with their neighbors. Thus, the word is spread throughout the communities. Our experts are supervising the process and help when needed.
At the construction side

The farmers are building terraces and water trickling trenches. Afterwards they are planting “polycultures”, providing high and regular harvests. To be able to switch to the permaculture practice, the farmers are provided with training and financial support for three years. Afterwards they can work independently.

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