Team Group: Englisch

… and many more

Whether it be office work or our webmaster and not least all the donors and “Permapartner”, these hard-working helpers make our project possible in the first place.


Hugh is living in the highlands. His land is degraded, stony and arid (background). Let’s see for how long!


Solo’s dad. He is building a permaculture-system at his place as well.    


One of our hard-working farmers.      


Dinat is our first farmer, who currently guides five farmers to change their farming practices. He has built his own house in the meantime and talked Lukas into giving him his best clothes. Suits him!    


Rivo grew up in Menalamba. Today he manages a school garden and will guide new permaculture farmers in the future. He is already supporting a group of five farmers during their transition to the new techniques.

Lukas Uhl

Lukas fears neither malaria and chiggers nor corruption. His work is his old-age provision, because “as a pensioner, I can only grow old on a planet with an intact environment.”